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Read about how one school class composted over 400 pounds of organic waste instead of sending it to the landfill!

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UCT-9 Urban Compost Tumbler - Shipping is included in price
Item Id: 50026 MFG Id: UCT9 Urban Compost Tumbler
UCT-9 Urban Compost Tumbler - Shipping is included in price
UCT9 Urban Compost Tumbler
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Using the fully enclosed Urban Compost Tumbler (UCT-9) offers some distinct advantages over compost piles, bins and even other tumblers. There are a number of composters to choose from ranging from bins and boxes, to do-it-yourself chicken wire enclosures. Simply put, the UCT-9 is the fastest, most convenient, easiest, and safest form of composting. The unique patented core aeration system of the UCT-9 provides the essential oxygen for the aerobic microorganisms and tool free mixing of the composting materials. This near odorless, fully enclosed composter is ideal for both yard and kitchen materials. Many cities now ban or are considering banning open compost piles because of pest control (e.g. rats, mice, raccoons and insects) and are turning to fully enclosed composters like the UCT-9. Some specific advantages of the UCT-9 include Ease of operation with no special tools or pitchfork required

  • Speed of operation
  • Avoids pest control problems
  • Avoids odor problems even with higher nitrogen
  • Aids in moisture control in extra dry or rainy climates
  • Provides insulation to aid heating of smaller batches
  • Portability, as the UCT-9 can be moved about your yard
  • Aesthetically fits into a landscaped yard nicely
  • Ease of operation with no special tools or pitchfork required
  • Most people simply do not have the time to turn their compost pile with a pitchfork every weekend let alone daily. Many of the compost bins on the market require tools to reach in to turn or remove material. What sets the UCT-9 apart, even from other tumblers, is its central aeration feature. With tumblers without this feature, you soon discover that occasionally you need to open them up, reach inside, and break up the nitrogen slime ball that develops in the center. With baffles on the sides of the barrel, an aeration tube and cross bars in the center of the UCT-9, you avoid this problem. Ease of operation includes “ease of maintenance.” The UCT-9 does not have rollers, cranks and gears to become clogged and wear out over time. It is made of food grade recycled plastic that does not rust when left exposed to the elements.

    Speed of operation Air Flow in Composter

    A real strength of the UCT-9 and what makes it different than any other tumbler on the market is how it gets oxygen into the mix. The most efficient microorganisms at composting are called aerobes and require oxygen to live. Without good aeration, the aerobes die and the bacteria called anaerobes take over the composting effort. When this occurs, composting can be slowed up to 90%. This is why the UCT-9 with its core aeration tube can produce compost faster than practically anything on the market today.

    Avoids pest control problems

    Depending on what you put in your compost and how well you maintain it, it is not uncommon to attract a variety of pests. Pests can include stray dogs, raccoons, rats, mice, opossums and a host of insects. The UCT-9's lid screws on and the aeration tube in the bottom is closed with a mesh to prevent rodents and large insects from entering the barrel. Again depending on the composition of your compost, you can have some forms of active bacteria and fungus you don't want pets or children around. The UCT-9 is a fully enclosed and elevated unit that provides a significant safety margin.

    Avoids odor problems even with higher nitrogen ratios

    Especially within an urban setting, many neighbors object to having compost piles and bins next to their property due to problems with odors. Even when the mix is Nitrogen rich (green stuff) which often creates an odor problem, by being an enclosed unit, the UCT-9 eliminates the problem. Exposed compost piles and bins can become drowned in rainy weather and dried out in hot climates. Compost exposed to the wind dries quickly slowing composting. Being an enclosed unit, the UCT-9 is impervious to rain, helps to retain moisture content in hot weather while protecting the material from the wind.

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